Phytowelt News » First Milestone achieved in Phytowelt GreenTechnologies' research collaboration with Syngenta Flowers


01.02.2010, Phytowelt Nettetal / Köln

The research collaboration between Syngenta and Phytowelt GreenTechnologies which started in January 2009 is bearing its first fruits.

The first of the agreed milestones has been achieved and the collaboration could continue 3 months earlier than expected. The speed of progress demonstrates the excellent understanding of the teams fit to cope with the challenges of modern flower breeding. "The clear expectation we set out with were met right on target. The results as developed by Phytowelt strengthen our confidence this project will be successful and deliver a major breakthrough in the flowers business" says Dr. Marc Kreuger, Manager Technology of Syngenta Flowers. "This early results reflect the high quality of our research and the right decision of our shareholders to combine molecular biology and tissue culture technologies in the company. The synergy of both expertises in our company results in an innovative use of plant biodiversity and is a major part of the realization of our vision phytoplus® – added value in and out of plants" explains Peter Welters, CEO of Phytowelt. "In addition, we have an excellent understanding on each level in our collaboration with Syngenta Flowers, for sure a key factor of our common success." Syngenta Flowers is a worldwide leader in the pot and bedding plant industry with a large proprietary portfolio. Operating on a global basis, it breeds and markets high-quality flower seeds, young plants and cuttings for the ornamental industry. Phytowelt GreenTechnologies is a worldwide operating SME whose core business is agricultural science and plant biotechnology. With more than 10 years of experience in plant biotechnology Phytowelt is the ideal partner to improve plant breeding and industrial production processes. The company offers services in plant biotechnology, including contract research, project coordination and management. Key expertise in plant breeding is the development of improved methods in genetic engineering and tissue culture technologies. Its key expertise in the exploitation of plant biodiversity also enables Phytowelt to create added value in sustained production processes, e.g. by using plant enzymes for the production of fine chemicals. Through its long-time practical experience, the company has gathered a distinctive technological knowledge, especially with the handling of challenging plant material.

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